Hi Malibu Strings fans! My name Dee Dee (derived from my cup size). I am a 55-year-old midwestern ICU nurse who has never seen myself as someone that men would be overly attracted to but, like most all women, I absolutely enjoyed men noticing me and occasionally flirting. During the pandemic the stress of being […]

Suzy and Alyx

Hi Malibu Strings Fans, Well, here’s the final photoshoot of our sexy Malibu Strings while we were vacationing in Phuket, Thailand. We had a great time exploring this beautiful place while wearing these sexy bikinis, you can say we made a lot of heads turn at the beach. We then returned to our pool villa […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I took another walk on the Wild Side wearing this FAB bikini while on vacation.  I hope you like this incredible color combination as much as I do! xoxo, Maya


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Here’s one of my newest MS bikinis, Pulsar Beach, getting its first outing at Sandals Ochi, Jamaica. I just love how the light makes the hologram effect of the material come to life and the crystal detailing really helps to show off my assets. Hope you love it too! Nikola.x


Hi Malibu Strings Fans, I took these shots in March at Mullet Beach on the beautiful island of St Martin. My gorgeous Pineapple Skull one-piece got a lot of attention as I walked down the beach. Of course, whenever I wear my Malibu Strings suits on the beach or the boat they turn heads! If […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Hello from the desert! The weather is finally improving, which means it’s time to get outside and work on my tan! Hubby and I got out in the desert to play in the sand, and he decided to snap a few pics. Looks like he couldn’t keep his hands to himself! […]

Sofie Marie

Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love my Malibu Strings Competition bikini!  I love the way this suit shines! Look for more of me @wickedyummy1 Xoxo, Sofie Marie

Roxy and Carlee

Hi Malibu Strings fans! Sure enjoy hanging out with my buddy Roxy on the beach in Cabo and our local beach in our matching Malibu Strings Suits! Hope you like them too and see you on the beach!  Love Carlee and Roxy!


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Malibu Strings bikinis!  Here are some photos me in the best brand in the world! Follow me on Instagram on Xoxo, Laurasbikinis


Hi Malibu Strings fans! The pics were taken at Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  I love Malibu Strings bikinis!  Please feel free to let me know what you think! Xoxo, Sonia


Hi Malibu Strings, What better place to wear a Malibu Strings bikini than Orient Beach? It was a super windy day in St Maarten and I was determined to get some shots in my newest  MS bikini!! As you can see we had a few “outtake” moments but it was a lot of fun. Xoxo, […]

Monica S

Hi Malibu Strings fans, I am sharing a few photos from our last vacation to Temptation Resort in Cancun.  I absolutely love this Fun Hibiscus bikini in the Wide Hole Fishnet.  Definitely, a suit custom-made for us uninhibited ladies!  Thank you Malibu Strings for helping to keep me sexy and daring.   Kisses, Monica S.


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I wanted to get a bikini that represented my home state of Arizona.  How do you like it? I can’t believe how it came out! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Everthrust  Xoxo, Everthrust

Shauna G

Hi Malibu Strings fans! I recently spent some time at a friend’s rooftop pool and gym. What better way to work out than in a Malibu Strings suit?  Smile. I have a couple of fun tropical trips planned over the next few months and will have some more pics of my permanent vacation lifestyle to […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Here are some photos from our trip to Mexico. This house used to be owned by The Grateful Dead. Made for a fun photo shoot. Hope you enjoy it! Xoxo, Katie

Texas Heat

Hi Malibu Strings, Eager to grab some new suits for our trip to Temptation Cancun Resort, I requested a holographic orange suit. The sin city bottoms were perfect for this look. I felt so good hanging out at the quiet pool, taking pictures, and letting everyone enjoy the show. Things got even sexier at the […]


Hello MS Family.  Wow, what a great year so far. From being on this amazing calendar with all these beautiful ladies, and already being posted once. I thought I would give you a double shot. Here are two great MS bikinis. I really hope you guys enjoy these pics as much as I did taking […]


Hi again MSFan! Just a few pics of me in my favorite MS suite. I love Malibu Strings! Enjoy! Mandy


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I always feel so sexy in MS suits. Whenever I wear a Malibu Strings suit I seem to turn heads…whether it’s on the beach or by the pool. This suit is definitely a head turner…gorgeous color…the blue reminds me of the crystal blue ocean. MS suits fit so well and you […]


Once again Malibu Strings did not disappoint. We had a rubber ducky-themed pool party we were going to and wanted to stand out. So contacted my favorite swimsuit designer and asked if they could come up with something and of course went above and beyond. Thank you to the whole team there. Your suits are  […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I cannot say how much I love this sling. The pineapple skull fabric is fabulous. Having it sheer only makes it more awesome! The sexiest sling on the planet helps this 50 y/o look as sexy as possible! Much love, Sarah


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Have you ever seen a Unicorn in the wild? Keep searching and you might be so lucky as to find one someday. Maya


Hey everyone!   It’s been so long since I posted here, but I wanted my 20th MS Set to be fun!  Hubby and I hit a remote stretch of river for our canoe trip and had the place to ourselves!  What better place to try out my new MS Tshirt and one of my favorite suits […]

Sierra Dawn

Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Malibu Strings and here are some photos shot in Texas! Xoxo, Sierra Dawn


Hi everyone, just a few wee pics from tropical Queensland where less is best for bikinis, and thanks once again MS for my fav suits on earth XX Julie


Hey MS Fans! Here’s my new Summer Rainbow bikini that I absolutely love! Have fun and stay in the sun! Love, Jessie


Just some early evening MS bikini fun in the pool! Nothing feels better than the fabric of this sheer nude crystal-string bikini against my skin on a cool spring night! This sexy bikini was picked out and purchased by a very supportive fan….Thank you so very much!! I hope you enjoy it. XOXO MJ


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I love the way the sun can warm my skin while wearing the mesh. See what I mean? Love from Florida.  Stacie


Hi Malibu Strings Fans! A little Sunshine, A little Skull, & some Pineapples… I hope you enjoy! Xoxo, Malibu.Lily


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I always have a fun and sexy time going to Temptation Resort in Cancun for Valentine’s week! I loved showing off my hot, sheer, one-piece during my vacation! Feel free to email me, and visit my social pages! I always appreciate your compliments, and you sweet guys that send me gift […]

Hi MS fans! These photos are taken at Miyakojima Okinawa where I went for vacation. It was a very sunny day and I felt free. I am happy if you enjoy it! xoxo,


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Here are a few pictures of our vacation last year in Florida. Thank you, Malibu Strings, for making a 55- year-old feel sexy! Xoxo, Valerie


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I recently was staying at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I was anxious to wear my new Malibu Strings lace edge bikini to the pool but some thunderstorms in the distance made us think twice. Well, time to wear my sexy bikini inside then and take pictures for all of you! […]


Hey Malibu Strings Fans! I recently purchased the Pineapple Skull and a new Sheer thong bikini. Can’t wait to wear these this year! I love this print! Xoxo, Monica


Hi MS Fans,  Here are some pictures from an early fall sunset at our beach cottage. Miss the summer so much and can’t wait wait for its return. Hope you like my pictures. I hope to see you at the beach! Kathy


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Malibu Strings! Here are some fun photos that I took recently.  You can see more of me here Xoxo, Hotwife631


Hi MS Nation, We just got back from Temptation Grand Miches in the Dominican Republic, and we had a blast! When you stay at Grand you can wander over to Temptation Miches, just next door. The staff was wonderful and we met so many nice people! Lots of MS suits there, and we even had […]


Hey Sexy Bikini Lovers! Took my shiny and sheer bikini on a trip to a beach and we got lots of attention from everyone. I love showing off my Malibu Strings, shering my love for minimal coverage. Would love to get together on a beach with other MS addicts to have fun and shot many […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Jamaica is a beautiful setting to flaunt these gorgeous bikinis!  Sure, topless is allowed in Jamaica. But, it would be such a waste not to bring the top half of my favorite swimsuits! Thank you for making the best swimsuits in the world! Xoxo,  TxQT


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I love this Tie-Dye bikini. It is one of my favorites! The colors are fantastic and I love to wear it at the pool.  This is my latest bikini and wanting a lot more of this look!  The feel and quality are amazing! Thank you all for looking. Love, Marie


Hi Malibu Strings fans, We had fun just playing around at the pool with this sexy thought-provoking one piece. It sure can stir up sexy comments and suggestions. Hope you enjoy seeing the flirty fun and have a wonderful day!! XOXO Fay

Bikini Boat Swingers

Hi Malibu Strings fans! Here are photos from our trip to Temptation Grand Miches in the Dominican Republic. We went for St. Patricks Day and celebrated with our friends! It was really great to be able to transfer back and forth between Grand Miches which is basically Desire RM and Temptation. Its still new so […]

Carnal Captures

Hi Malibu Strings fans, Just a fun day at the beach in my MS swimsuit! Love the sheer swimsuits they have and the design with the crystal back! Definitely a must in the collection! Hope you enjoy it and come check more out on IG! @carnal.captures xoxo, Carnal Captures


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Love my newest suit from MS! The sheer material is so comfy and feels so sexy on my skin! I braved a chilly cold morning on the beach to get these pics off the coast of Florida!  A few people were around taking a few peeks here and there but I […]


Hey guys, These photos were taken on Corolla NC beach. It was such a nice day. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them for you. Thanks to all the fans it is greatly appreciated. Please make sure you follow me on IG @bikinirenee for more photos wearing these great […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! My latest bikini is a go-to for me. Love the color combinations! Thank you Malibu Strings! Thank you for making the best suits in the world! Xoxo, Battlebornbrunette


Hey to all of the bikini lovers, It is always a pleasure to wear my favorite malibu strings on beautiful beaches around the world… Kisses, Paola


Hi All! Enjoying some great weather and getting ready for summer in one of my favorite MS suits, the Firecracker with the Sin City Bottom, so patriotic and sexy. Hope you enjoy my photos! Rebecca


Hello Malibu Strings Fans!  Here is my first set of photos for 2023…these were taken in beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Of course, I was enjoying a favorite local beer as well. One of these photos was selected for the 2023 calendar…do you have yours yet? We just got back from Cabo…so more […]


Hello Malibu Strings beauties, Born and raised in So Ca and growing up at the beach bikinis are my second skin. After discovering Malibu Strings I fell in love! They make me feel sexy and beautiful.  Thank you Malibu Strings! Loving the lace and gold trim on this bikini. Sexy! Sexy! Peace & Love Misty


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Photoshoot in Mexico with my hubs and my favorite Malibu Strings suit!! I love Malibu Strings! -Lynn xoxo


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Delicious fishnet, and eye popping high visibility lime green, all topped off with crystal detailing – I love it. Guaranteed to stand out, guaranteed to draw attention = guaranteed fun. Showing off on the beach in Fuerteventura, right in front of the lifeguard – he couldn’t keep his eyes off me! […]

Sue Ellen

Hi Malibu Strings fans,  How do you like this sexy Malibu Strings sling? I love it, I love how it contours to my body and shows me off. I love hearing from my fans, tell me what you think xxx Xoxo, Sue Ellen


Hi and Meow MS fans! I LOVE animal print so much that I had to have this Palm Leopard print suit in two versions. I almost started purring when I wore them….. Maya


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love the Malibu Strings Palm Leopard Print!  The colors are incredible and the suits looks so beautiful anywhere! Thank you for making the sexiest bikinis on the planet! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @ashley_islandbikinigirl xoxo, Ashley


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I’m Jennifer and I have been loving my MalibuStrings suits for a while now. I recently spent time in Mexico on an island near Cancun and had to wear my new Desire branded suits. I love wearing them, especially in places where people don’t expect to see sheer suits and sexy […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love these T-Shirt bandeau tops. They are so fun and flirty. Of course, the Sin City thong bottom helps to turn heads too. Hope you enjoy these photos, I have fun taking them! XO, Aiko

Secret Milf

Hi Malibu Strings fans, Last summer I spent a fun-filled week in Spain and wore my tiny MS bikinis practically all vacation. I am so happy that this brand exists and allows me to look my best wearing so little. I adore all of my MS bikinis but this gold one really sparkles in the […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Just some photos from hanging by the pool last summer. Can’t wait for it to warm up a little. You can see more on! Xoxo, Katie

Suzy P

Hi Malibu Strings fans, Loving my new custom sheer white bikinis – they are soooo naughty. XXX Suzy P


Hi Malibu Strings fans, March 2nd was my birthday, 54 years old, and I celebrated it with my sexy and beautiful pink bikini.  What better way to celebrate a birthday than in the sexiest bikinis in the world? I love Malibu Strings! Kisses,  Alejandra


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I just love this Stars and Strips bikini! It brings such sunny and warm memories and I can’t wait until summer! I’m getting tired of having to wear so many clothes… winter sucks! Find me on IG at @MrsTNBikini Xoxo, MrsTNBikini


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Ask Me, I Might…can I say anymore?   I purchased this beautiful green suit for a St. Patrick’s Day party. The sin city bottom is so flattering on the back side…truly shows off the curves. I can’t wait to wear this to the pool party and turn heads.  Thank you!! Michelle 


Hi Fans, These pics were taken at our clubhouse pool at the end of the season. I felt very naughty wearing this sheer bikini out in public and my man really loved it. He couldn’t wait to get back home. Thanks for all of the support from the MS nation. Mandy XOXO


Hi Malibu Strings Fans!  Recently my Hubby and I had a chance to go on holiday in the Caribbean. The looks I got at the pools were such a turn-on! What do you think? Is my MS suit better wet or dry? One day I got tired of my car all dirty so I called […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Here are some pics of me in your suit in Cozumel MX. I love MALIBU STRINGS! Xoxo, Jewels


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Here are some pics taken from a recent boat trip out to my island paradise. Find me on IG @fl.bikini.blondie Xoxo, FL_BIKINI_BLONDIE

Samantha Ray

Hi, Malibu Strings fans around the world! I sail the Caribbean, mainly the USVI, and BVI. I love to wear my Malibu Strings both on the boat and on the beach. These shots were taken the last week of December in the BVI. Some were taken on the deck of the famous Willy T at […]


Hi my MS friends.  Here we go with a new sexy and very hot gallery from the last Valentine’s day celebration. The red one-piece is very transparent and it shows more as it hides. Kisses Princesa


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Whenever I am feeling patriotic I can wear my MS Stars and show my true colors. I absolutely love this Navy Stars print! Thank you Malibu Strings for making such amazing products! xoxo, Karen


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I wanted to surprise my husband on a recent ski trip in Colorado by stripping down to my new Malibu Strings bikini on a hike in the mountains. We were walking up this creek and I just started taking my clothes off to model for him right there in the creek. […]


Hi Malibu Strings friends & fans, We don’t live where it’s warm year-round. We don’t live near a beach or have a pool. But I LOVE Malibu Strings bikinis and wear them inside and out as much as I can. Rain or shine. Sun or snow, I am rocking my Malibu Strings…and I am not […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! White sandy beaches of the Caribbean make me feel happy and special. It is easy to forget about the world that you left behind – what matters is freedom, contact with nature and spontaneity. Xoxo, Agata ps-Look for more of me on


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Malibu Strings bikinis! They are the best! My Instagram name is @laurasbikini big hugs, Laurasbikinis


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I’ve recently moved to Florida and now I can wear my Malibu Strings bikinis year-round! This set is from my recent trips to Anna Maria Island, Hollywood Beach, and South Beach. Life is almost a permanent vacation now 🙂 xoxo, Shauna


Hi MS Fans, I’ve been busy traveling around the world and these photos are from my trip to Norway. Although it is cold, I still find ways to wear my malibu strings bikinis. I was very lucky to see the northern lights and reindeer in the wild. You can see more on my Instagram @lilytravelgirl. […]

Becky D & Kai

Hey all you amazing Malibu Strings fans! My friend Kai & I recently had a great day @ Siesta Key Beach wearing our Malibu Strings of course. We both have the Sin City bottoms on, my personal favorite. That was Kai’s first time wearing a Malibu but it definitely won’t be her last. Kisses for […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Had the best time in Mexico and loved showing off my Malibu Strings bikinis!!! Definitely got some head turns, especially when I wore the sheer one and got it wet in the ocean. So many great photo opportunities!!! Mel P.S.  I’m SO excited to be part of the 2023 MS calendar […]

Leila Keona

Hello Malibu Strings fans! It’s best to enjoy the last rays of sunshine in the MS fishnet at the beach.  Feeling free, sexy, and happy. Thanks, MS for such sexy bikinis.  Kisses Leila Keona


Hi Malibu Strings photos! It’s been a long time since I sent you some photos! Here are some photos taken at Miami Beach with an amazing sheer camo micro bikini! Kisses, Mia


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I love the new Wildflowers Print!  Here are some photos from California! xoxo, Alana

Suzy and Alyx

Hi Malibu Strings Fans, We finally did a trip together in Thailand and had an amazing time while wearing our sexy Malibu Strings bikinis. I think I’ll let you guess on which one of us is originally from Thailand, LOL. But, in this photoshoot we just had to represent Texas in our new MS bikinis. […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans What to do at a beach on a beautiful island? Wear a sexy bikini, splash in the water, lay in the sand, and pose for pictures. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. Stay safe! NP


Hi Malibu Strings fans, What started out as a relaxing Sunday in the pool, turned into an impromptu photo shoot. As always, any place I am enjoying the sun and water I am wearing Malibu Strings!!! Kiki


Hello MS fans, This is my first submission to contribute to the MS family as I have been a fan for years. We are wrapping up a great week in Pensacola and what better way to break out these sexy suits!  Feel free to send me a message and look me up on! Look […]


Hello MS, I wanted to share some pics from some time out on the water this summer. Now that the weather is turning cooler makes me want to feel the sun on my skin more than ever. Thank you for all of the compliments, I appreciate all of you. Thanks MS for making the sexiest […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Here are some pictures from our vacation to BVI.  I love taking pictures in my Malibu Strings while on vacation! xoxo, Tig

Sarah C

Hi Malibu Strings fans! Who wants to get lei’d? I do! How can you not love this bikini? The cute hula dancers, flowers, pineapple, and other Hawaiin theme symbols with pink and blue accents. This bikini got lots of attention when I wore it on vacation. If you want to see how much fun I […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! A not-so-sunny day in Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. This Golden Pineapple suit brought some shine to the day. Thank you Malibu Strings for making the sexiest suits in the world! Xoxo, Jessica

Samantha B

Hi MalibuStrings Fans! Another gallery with sexy MS bikinis during my last vacation… So beautiful! Kisses Samantha B


Jessie here from Florida. Malibu String Bikinis are absolutely the sexiest bikinis in the world! Living in the Sunshine State, we try to go out on the water every chance we get. My pictures were taken on Florida’s beautiful nature coast, in one of my favorite bikinis as well as the New MS Camo hat […]

Nashville Nights

Hi Malibu Strings friends, What started with one couple planning a weekend away to celebrate, added another Malibu fan and slowly grew with others joining in, turning into a Malibu Meet up, and what better place than downtown on Broadway in Nashville, TN?  There was bar hopping, dancing, drinking, and some sexy Malibu content Taken.  […]

St. Martin Girls

Hi Malibu Strings fans, The gang is back together in this hot and sexy shoot in St. Maarten. We had a great time on this beautiful beach while the sun was setting, I think the onlookers enjoyed it too, other than the sunset, LOL. St. Maarten is a great place to wear these sexy Malibu […]


Happy New Year Malibu String Family! Here is a collection of Malibu Bikinis that my fans have picked out. I must say that they are super sexy and very naughty. I hope you like and enjoy them as much as I do. XOXOX Sheila


We’ve loved MS for years and years. They always make for fun between us and new friends! Don’t ever forget their one-piece SWW suits…especially if you’re a little smaller up top. NO ONE will notice and you’ll feel incredibly beautiful and sexy. This is one of my husband’s absolute favorites and, it would seem a […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans!!! OMG, this Tie Dye suit is a showpiece swimsuit! Wore it on the beach and in the pool at an all-inclusive adults-only resort in Playa Riviera, Mexico. Such stares! Really shows off long legs and the Tie dye print is beautiful! Let me know what you think! I LOVE this orange […]


Happy New Year! There are only four most beautiful things in the world: Sea, Sun shining, woman’s body and…MS sweet suits…. XOXO,  Grace


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love my Malibu Strings bikinis! They fit me perfectly! Look for more of me on Instagram @cravingcaramel3 xoxo,Carmel


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I really enjoyed this royal blue Malibu Strings suit in Mexico at the house we rented and at the rooftop pool at one of the hotels. These bikinis are so sexy it’s hard to keep them on! @jen_edawgthecat Https:// xoxo,Jennifer


Hi my MS friends, Here are some very sexy pictures from my last trip to Zipolite Mexico…………..was very nice and we enjoyed the stay there! Kisses,Princesa

Emmy J

Hi Malibu Strings fans, So excited that summer is almost here and I can break out my Malibu Strings bikinis! Here’s a set of me in Miami — does anyone know how much fun can be had on Haulover Beach?!? I luv all my Malibu Strings bikinis — especially The Chelle suit ” the sexiest […]


Hi everyone! I just love this Chelle Custom bikini, the neon pink & green really pop! Speaking of popping seems my top just wants to pop off. I hope you don’t mind? hehe! The bottoms are very form-fitting too. You may notice they really accentuate my lines. Don’t be shy, look for me on Sheer […]