Hi Malibu Strings fans!

My name Dee Dee (derived from my cup size). I am a 55-year-old midwestern ICU nurse who has never seen myself as someone that men would be overly attracted to but, like most all women, I absolutely enjoyed men noticing me and occasionally flirting.

During the pandemic the stress of being in the ICU with so much sickness and death I needed something more than working out and having aggressive sex with my husband to deal with everything. When the now famous Mrs. Poindexter story was all over Barstool Sports my husband just looked at me and said “hell, we could start an Instagram of you in lingerie and bikinis” and, since we were empty nesters (our son is in medical school), we both decided to go for it.

Being a medical professional and working for a Catholic hospital system we decided it would be best for me to only show small glimpses of my face and to change my identity for professional and safety reasons (I actually have a former patient that has threatened my life on multiple occasions so I have a restraining order in place) so Dee Dee was born, and since I am self admittedly quite a freak but nobody would ever guess we went with @deedeesecretfreak.

When we started posting we were hoping for 200-300 followers, we never dreamed that within 3 months we would wake up to thousands of people following me every morning. Men from all over the world, every race, every age all fawning over ME!

I never thought that I could pull off wearing a micro bikini but a model named Bikini Meg talked me into buying my first MBS bikini (a halter style top with a modest cut bottom) and the photos were a huge hit, not to mention that you reposted me on your Instagram. I had tens of thousands of followers telling me how much they loved me in your bikini…And I was hooked!

The attached pictures are from a shoot on North Beach at Fort Desoto in St. Pete, Florida. It is a mostly quiet beach but I still ended up having young college guys in their daddy’s boats pulling up to watch, curious beachgoers stopping to look and the Coast Guard helicopter actually circled overhead to watch me. I have to admit I LOVE the attention I get when I wear your swimwear, I look beautiful, I feel sexy and I have confidence in my body that I never dreamed I would have. And I am a November calendar model this year!

Thank you!


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