Hi Malibu Strings fans,

The Duality of St. Maarten and Sint Martin, where the Uninhibited and a Functioning Society Coexist.

A Creole Caribbean Tapestry

France and The Netherlands

French and Dutch

Euro and the Dollar

Fully Clothed and Full Frontal

Nude Bodies and Nude Minds

Descend and Blend

Converge and Merge

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the “Friendly Island” and our explorations at Happy Beach and Orient Beach among the ruins of Club Orient. We carried Nautti’s Malibu Strings bikinis in our backpacks during our nude adventures, typically only pulling them out to snap a few photos while on Orient Beach. The neon colors just pop in such surroundings, making for some awesome photos. Nautti loved the uninhibited vibes and often wore nothing more than her MS Micro Y-String bottoms around the hotel property, to and from the beach, and at various beach bars and restaurants. Thank You Malibu Strings! 

Be sure to catch Nautti @nauttimermaid

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