Hi Malibu Strings fans!

While MS may be known for its bikinis, never forget the sexiness of their one-piece suits! Especially if you’re like me and a little smaller-breasted. My husband & friends love these suits and I love the way I feel wearing them; they cling to and highlight me perfectly, don’t you think?

When MS released their new Neon Nude suit this year, I had to buy both the bikini and the Kona version. I LOVE IT! Everyone else seems to as well. Feel free to compare it with the previous competition post featuring the bikini variant.

Who would have thought too, that MS would celebrate my birthday with a special suit? My birthday is June 9th (69). This gives a whole new meaning to the term “birthday suit”. I almost posted one of the original birthday suits, but that isn’t the point here is it? Thanks, Malibu Strings for getting it here for my actual birthday….it was a real hit at the party we held.
xoxo, Lori

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