Sue Ellen

Hi Malibu Strings fans, How sexy is this g-string, “paperweight” and top? Wouldn’t you love to follow the directions on the G string? lol. Send me a message at [email protected] Xoxo, Sue Ellen


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I’m Jen Edawgthecat and I found this beautiful hidden beach and started peeling off my Malibu Strings for a photoshoot. It was only after that I looked up on the cliff and saw a group of spectators had gathered! Oops. I hope they got some good pictures too. Here’s my links. […]

Jenerate Positivity

Hi Malibu Strings fans, The best days involve bikinis and sandy buns!  I am new here but I have been an MS lover for years! Looking forward to Jenerating some Positivity! xoxo,  Jenerate Positivity

Nikki Celeste

Hi MS fans! I’ve been wanting to do a road shoot for ages, so we slipped away on Christmas Eve and found a deserted stretch of highway. Well, mostly deserted – a few cars definitely enjoyed the show! Come follow me some more and you can see what gave those drivers whiplash. 😉 xoxo, Nikki […]


Hello Malibu Strings Fans, We love to take the boat to the Passage Key Sandbar in St. Petersburg, Fl. Love your bikinis and how sexy they make me feel! Fisherman sure loved the views as well! I hope you enjoy! Feel free to message your sexy comments to my email at Amy


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Here are some photos of me on my boat in my Malibu Strings!  I love wearing Malibu Strings on my boat! Xoxo, Jewels


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Bjennyinthewild in her Malibu Strings bikinis on the boat in Florida, on a Greek Cruise and at Desire in Mexico. Love taking these bikinis everywhere warm! Xoxo, Bjennyinthewild


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Malibu Strings! I hope you like my pics! Xoxo, Mikamodel IG: Latinbarbiegirla1


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Sun’s out, buns out! I love my Malibu Strings bikinis and the way they make me feel. Thank you for welcoming me into the Malibu Strings community! Xoxo, Isabella Instagram: _queen_isabella  OnlyFans 


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Here are some pictures I took at our pool in California last summer. Only a couple more months and I’ll be able to do some more photoshoots. Come on summer! I’m tired of the rain and clouds. I need bikini weather ASAP. Xo, Roxi IG: @bikiniblonde


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Miami and I love Haulover Beach!  Haulover Beach is Florida’s best-known and oldest officially recognized public nude beach! xoxo, Maya


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I love Malibu Strings!  Here is my sexy Malibu Strings skirt I wore on NUDE CRUISE in Jamaica. To see more my adventures on the cruise visit: Xoxo, Karen


Hi M.S. Fans, Here’s a photoshoot I did at Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis, Texas with my sexy Malibu Strings bikini. This place is great to put on a sexy bikini and then take it all off. The setting here is beautiful as well, couldn’t get all the angles because of the crowd that was […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Where sun-kissed sands meet ancient dragon magic. Imagine a bikini adorned with glistening dragon scales, each reflecting sunlight like precious gems. As you step onto the warm shore, these iridescent scales come alive, whispering tales of fire-breathing creatures. I become a beach goddess, a guardian of mythical power, leaving footprints etched […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Just got back from my fabulous vacation to the most beautiful place on earth.  Here are some of my pictures that I loved wearing my MalibuStrings bikinis in the pool and the ocean.  I felt so sexy.  Besides the bikinis, I love the panties that I had custom-made.  They look and […]


Hi Malibu Strings Fans!  I was immediately drawn to the bright color and had to order this set ahead of a sexy week in Cancun. This bikini has become one of my favorites (my hubby’s too) and accentuates my ASSets.  Thank you Malibu Strings for giving me endless possibilities for sexy summer pool parties! Xoxo, […]

Dee Dee

Hi Malibu Strings fans, Bikini-MILF. That is the name a group of college guys on a fall break road trip gave me as they looked through my 2023 submission and worked up the nerve to email me. I loved their reaction when I caught them off guard and responded and when they found out that […]


Hello Malibu Strings fans! Enjoying the sun and water in the late fall in my “disco-ball” bikini. I hope you like and if you do shoot me an email at [email protected] Xoxo, Gwen


Hi Malibu Strings fans! Another trip to the beach for Lynn!! Showing off my favorite Malibu Strings gear and rolling in the sand a little too! Hugs, Lynn

Danni Ryan

Hi Malibu Strings fans! I love Malibu Strings!  Here are some photos of my new Malibu Strings swimwear from Temptation. I hope you enjoy it! ~Danni Ryan

BikiniFit LA

Hi Malibu Strings fans! There are many reasons why I love the teardrop lace panty and Blueberry lace bikini by Malibu Strings. I feel incredibly sexy and feminine in them. The styles are flattering to a woman’s figure and the materials are luxurious. I am definitely a fan of these styles. Thank you Malibu Strings […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, We love the Florida sun and love Malibu Strings bikinis! These Malibu Strings bikinis fit like a dream! Never been so comfy and confident at the beach! Xoxo, Kandy


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Taking in the sun and celebrating the New Year on St Martin. I love Malibu Strings!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram @beach_seekers Tig


Hi Malibu Strings fans, This sheer bikini makes you wanna drink tequila all day with a splash of lime! Enjoying my new suit on the beach of St. Pete Florida. The cool breeze gave my nipples that little extra burst of perk to make this suit a knockout! The boaters didn’t mind either! Hope you […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! This green palm open weave suit is my current favorite suit in my Malibu Strings collection. I love the fit and feel of this particular suit. And when I pair it with the sweet pink Malibu Strings “Kiss Me” top I think it gives off a certain XOXO vibe! xoxo, Scarlett

Danielle Donovan

Hi, Malibu Strings fans! Here are some photos of the Revolution Beach in Key West.  See more of me on X @danielled1983 Xoxo, Danielle Donovan


Hi, Malibu Strings fans, I love to show off on Mexico and Northern California beaches wearing shear Malibu Strings!! It’s fun to watch people walk by and do a double or triple take. I love all of the compliments I receive and am always thankful when someone gifts me a new suit too. Xoxo, SammieB


Hi Malibu Strings Fans!  Hard to believe it’s 2024…Happy New Year! Here is a fun set of photos from Cabo from a couple of months ago…we are heading there again in a few weeks and I just placed an order for some new suits. Cannot wait to share more photos with you from our next […]

Shauna G

Hi, Malibu Strings fans, I was in the Dominican over the holidays. It was our last time to a fun resort as it’s since closed, but I made sure to document some memories in my Malibu Strings! Xoxo, Shauna G


Hi, Malibu Strings fans! Becky isn’t going to let the winter weather keep her from trying on two of her newest MS Bikinis! Find her on X and Instagram @Everthrust xoxo,  Everthrust

Sarah C

Hi Malibu Strings fans, How many times did you make Santa come?  Speaking of coming, I bet I can make you come more than Santa.  Head over to my OnlyFans you won’t be disappointed, I promise. Xoxo, Sarah C

MicroBikini Wife

Hi Malibu Strings friends & fans, Unfortunately, I don’t live where it’s warm year-round, but I LOVE Malibu Strings bikinis and wear them indoors and outdoors as much as I can.  Rain or shine. Sun or snow, I am rocking my Malibu Strings…and once again, I am not letting a little snow or sub-zero weather […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Is it summer yet? I love my new bottoms and this bandeau top is a must-have.  Make sure to follow me on my socials: Katesbs2.0 – Instagram  Hotwife631 – Onlyfans  Xoxo, Hotwife631


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Come Rain, Come Shine, when it Snows of course that means it’s time to grab a suit and get some annual snowy content. suits like these will warm you up and melt away that snow.  xoxox MalbuLily


Hi Malibu Strings fans, It is always fun to wear something that catches the eyes of others! Bad Decisions Make Better Stories definitely makes others wonder! These pictures were taken at Desire Pearl and there are always fun stories to tell after any vacation whether it’s good or bad. This t-shirt was fun to wear […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, I am ready to fill this year with Malibu Strings bikinis, tropical destinations and good times with the ones I love.  I want you to come along with me through all the pictures I am going to share!  These pics are for a special fan that picked this bikini out.  His […]


Hi Malibustring family! Welcome to 2024. I hope you like this bikini as much as I do. If it’s not Sheer and Tiny what fun would it be? I hope you have a Wild and Sexy New Year! Sheila XOXOX


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Back to my favorite island.  This bikini is beautifully colored for the Caribbean.  It provides coverage, but that can be fixed- hehe. Peace and love, Stacie

Genuine Jet

Hi Malibu Strings fans, A fun and COLD desert day in Canyonlands National Park. About 25 people were watching us shoot and some even helped!  I LOVE MALIBU STRINGS! Xoxo, Genuine Jet


Happy New Year SuperFans! Enjoy these photos from my day at Fletcher Beach, Florida. The surf was pounding me after the hurricane passed and I took advantage of the mega splashes to get soaking wet for you. Be sure to follow my socials and join my OF.  Lots of love, Anastacia IG […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans, Happy New Year from Spain!  Here are some fun photos from my favorite bar! Biggest shoutout to the incredible @sixcoloursgranada bartender for letting us go a bit crazy. Xoxo,  Xambretta

Hi MS fans! These photos were taken at Miyakojima Okinawa where I went for a vacation. It was a very sunny day and I felt free. I am happy if you enjoy it! xoxo,


Hi Malibu Strings fans! I had a beautiful time in our Malibu Strings suits taking in the sights of Hawaii. Enjoyed a day at a topless beach before a quick outfit change and heading to the hot tub. I can’t wait to collect more suits and more memories. Xoxo, RC


Hello MS Nation!  What a great year on the water. This Malibu Strings bikini has absolutely beautiful colors, fits perfectly, and may be one of my new favs. I truly hope you enjoy this set (and suit) as much as I do. Thank you for all of the emails, messages, and gifts this year. I […]


Hi Malibu Strings fans! OMG! The new Sheer Nude bikini is the sheerest and sexiest Malibu Strings bikini ever!! Playing in the Bahamas in the beautiful water was so much fun and seeing how sheer the suit was… it was like wearing nothing at all! You have to add this one to your collection and […]